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Supplying Medical Solutions

Haitech Medical Solutions is a leading company in innovation and high quality products in the Dental field.

We work with the world’s leaders and deliver high quality dental equipment and products to Products to the dentists of India directly and through our network of quality conscious sub-dealers who are spread throughout the country.




Perfect Prismatic Loupes

Admetec Solutions Ltd. is an Israeli company which specializes in the development, production and marketing of professional medical equipment, with a focus on dental surgery optical tools.

Admetec aspires to produce the highest quality products in order to meet the growing, versatile and unique needs of the dentist community operating today.


Strauss & Co.

Dental Rotary Instruments

"Strauss & Co." is a leading manufacturer of FG Diamond burs for dental professionals.

We carry more than 1000 different Diamond burs in 7 grit sizes - multi use burs and pre-sterilized single use burs to suit every use. We have special burs for Ceramics, for Metal and for Composite, Solid Carbide - Highly accurate, full line of Tungsten Carbide burs, HP Diamond and Carbide tools for dental laboratories, Special dental products - Diamond strips, discs, polishing paste and polishers to complete our full dental rotary instruments line.

Strauss & Co is renowned around the world for the Durability of our products, for our innovation and for the great service we insist on giving to our customers.


Medesy Italy

High quality Surgical Instruments

A renowned manufacturer of Italian high-quality Dental Surgical Instruments, MEDESY leans on a 600 years old tradition of metal smiths in the Italian district of Maniago.

Winner of several quality and innovation prizes, MEDESY offers comfort, durability and perfection to its customers.


Redent nova

Inventors of the SAF - Self Adjusting File

ReDent Nova ltd. is a medical technology company, which develops, designs, manufactures and markets innovative dental devices and instruments.

ReDent Nova's flagship product is the Self-Adjusting File (SAF) System, an innovative minimally-invasive endodontic technology for a complete 3D cleaning and shaping using a single instrument.